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"My joy is to create your dream Jewelry "

- Sawitree Liss - 

Liss Fine Gems is a family owned Jewellery shop and atelier in North Düsseldorf. We primarily serve customers in Witlauer, Angermund, Lintorf, Kalkum, and Kaiserswerth, North Dusseldorf and South Duisburg, as well as international customers.  The business has existed in Düsseldorf since 2007.  


Our specialism is to create individual Jewellery, but we also do repairs, we buy gold, we do re-modelling of jewellery, ring enlargement and valuations etc.   


Almost all our products are made with natural gemstones and natural materials.  Many of our gemstones are sourced directly by us in Thailand, and/or cut and polished in the gemstone capital of Germany, Ida-Oberstein.



SAWITREE LISS is an expert Gemmologist and Jeweller with 10 years experience.  “My dream is to create custom-made, unique Jewellery for YOU, with precious gemstones and gold.  This is my greatest joy”


German Gemmologist (FGG)
European Gemmologist (FEEG)

Diamond expert (DGemG)
Expert on pearls and coral jewelry

Fellow of the German Gemmological Association (FGG)
Registration number for FGG: F1022/10

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